Marwan Sultan wrote:
> Hello All,
>  Well, maybe the subject says all,
>  Im running 6.1R acting as NAT, gateway ofcourse, hotspot.
>  I have many clients trying to use Vonage, motorola, VoIP devices and
>  and few more products.
>  The problem is as its described in some websites..
>  They can call, receive a call, hear the dailtone but no one can hear
> the other party.
>   After researching i found out there is a problem iusing FreeBSD NAT
> with voip protocols.
>   i have been advised to use STUN servers, (Simple Traversal of UDP
> through NATs.)
>   I found out there is net/stund port and its installed successufly!
>   but still lost.
>   Can someone kindly and please shade a light on howto
>   make voip behind NAT works in my FreeBSD ? im in trouble because of this.
>   Thank you.
>   Marwan Sultan,
This isn't FreeBSD NAT specific, its a problem with NAT in general, if
you've installed the stund port, all you need todo is run: stund -h -a, replacing with the machines ip obviously,
and then tell the voip phones to use that stun server.

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