At 07:31 PM 1.16.2003 -0500, Doug Reynolds wrote:
>On Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:31:22 -0600, Jack L. Stone wrote:
>>I just updated from FBSD-4.5 to 4.7 on a server running apache_fp.1.26. The
>>update somehow has broken the FP extensions (ugh!). I have tried a number
>>of fixes, including portupgrade, but get a checksum error there. Have tried
>>to rerun the present install of FP using, but get this error:
>>Who should own web root web on port 80 [www]:  
>>What should the group for web root web on port 80 be [www]:  
>>/usr/libexec/ /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol "__stderrp"
>>ERROR: Unable to chown web root web in port 80
>>Hit enter to continue
>>I'm also seeing the "__stderrp" error in my httpd-error.log whenever I try
>>to login to FP. So, something has changed in the FBSD-4.5-4.7 update and
>>I've never seen this error, so don't know what needs to be fixed. I have
>>another server running apache_fp.1.27 on FBSD.4.7 just fine.
>>It's looking like an uninstall/reinstall completely for apache+fp....
>>didn't want to have to do that on a box with a bunch of virtual hosts.....
>>Has anyone seen the above problem on similar installs...???
>yeah, you need to have COMPAT3X=TRUE in your /etc/make.conf
>took me three day to figure that one out
>doug reynolds | the maverick | [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hi, Doug: You say COMPAT3X=TRUE

...but the /etc/defaults/make.conf says:
COMPAT3X= yes    (note the spacing too)

Will you double-check this syntax....?? I thought it had to be the same as
the default statement, but my first attempts using "COMPAT3X= yes" didn't
do any good. Then someone (Gordon) suggested deleting /usr/scr and adding
the statement as well. Did you do that too...??? ..or just the add to the
make.conf.... I'd rather not delete "/usr/src" if not necessary and the
question boils down to:
COMPAT3X=TRUE vs COMPAT3X= yes (I guess....)

...sorry for all the nit-pick questions, but I know the problems lies here
and something simple.


Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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