I deleted my /usr/src and cvsupped and the usual make world and this fixed
the issue - so no need for a complete reinstall after all!!!

Many thanks


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> At 05:48 PM 1.13.2003 -0500, JoeB wrote:
> >I installed apache-fp on newly install FBSD 4.7 system that was
> >installed from cd without any compt selected from /stand/sysinstall
> >process and apache-fp was the first port installed on this system
> >and in went in with no problem. You must have an older version of
> >compt3 on your FBSD system that is causing the problem. If you
> >installed compatibility from the /stand/sysinstall process during
> >the original install then I believe the ports/make environment does
> >not know about it and the only solution is to reinstall FSBD from
> >cd.  The other problem area is that you may have a old version of
> >compt3 on your ports installed environment and if so, you will have
> >to find which of your installed ports has compt3 as a pre-rec,
> >deinstall all the ports using it, delete compt3 from
> >/usr/ports/distfiles, and then make the ports again.  Or install
> >portupgrade and let it do all the detail work for you.
> >
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> >
> >Hi
> >
> >I have just cvsupped today and get the error - are you saying to add
> >the
> >COMPT3 into make.conf cd /usr/src make clean and rm -rf /usr/obj to
> >get it
> >to work?
> >
> >Is there not a few files I can copy to get it working?
> >
> >Many thanks
> >
> >Gordon
> <A lot snipped out>
> Joe, ....installed from a CD....??? If that is from the ISO 4.7-RELEASE,
> then it predates the compatX3 change we are talking about here. I have
> 4.7-STABLE installed from Cvsups that further updated after the RELEASE
> the way up to November 5. But, on November 11, the compatX3 ocurred and
> install after November 11, FP is affected and does not cooperate.
> Does your /usr/src/UPDATING show the 20021110 change?? It's the last
> release note. If not, then your 4.7 is not compatX3 "challenged" as far as
> FP is concerned. When was your last CVSup...???
> Best regards,
> Jack L. Stone,
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