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> At 02:05 AM 1.20.2003 +0100, Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
> I have been asking WHY have a cable with a dumb UPS for a long time and yet
> to get a good answer. I have tested with instruments the pins on those
> cables and very little to nothing found in a way of a signal. If you go to
> that apcupsd URL and did down you will find all (most) of the cables and it
> also explains them. SmartUPSes -- yes -- okay and will work with the cable.
> The computer may sense the dumb UPS -- BUT, will not communicate about
> shutdown and other critical info. If I'm wrong, then let me know.... I
> spent a lot of time falling for the "cable" bit.

Even a "dumb" UPS communicates with the machine - with the right
cable. The computer gets three signals: On battery power, off battery
power, and almost out of battery. The computer can send one signal to
the UPS, telling it to turn off and stay off. The idea is that you use
the last signal from the UPS to initiate a shutdown, and the last
thing you do as you shut down is tell the UPS to go off and stay off.

I have as yet to figure out how to get FreeBSD to signal the UPS to
shut down in a safe way. Anyone else worked on this one? Maybe in 5.0?

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