On FreeBSD 6.2 i386 with 2GB of physical memory I can't allocate
more than 500Mb for my program.

I'm a new to FreeBSD. Is this limitatin is something known,
how do I overcome it ?

(On linuxes I can allocate arrays of size close to sum
of physical and swap memory, on similar machines)

Thank you and regards,

$ top
Mem: 65M Active, 357M Inact, 142M Wired, 404K Cache, 112M Buf, 1437M Free
Swap: 4070M Total, 4070M Free

test code:

const unsigned M = 1024*1024;
const unsigned X = 510; // will fail with X > 510

int main() {
 std::vector<char> huge_v1(X*M);  // fails in both ways
 // boost::shared_array<char> huge( new char[X*M] );
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