On 2003-01-20 16:32, Gary Schenk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am attempting to use Pine with fetchmail and sendmail over a cable
> modem to my ISP.
> There is some basic setting that I am unaware of. I now can send
> mail and newsgroup messages out over the internet, but the return
> address is incorrect. It uses my pc account login ID, gschenk, as
> the left side of my address instead of my ISP account name of
> gwschenk. Where is this configured? It doesn't seem to be setup in
> .pinerc or .fetchmailrc. Is it in sendmail somewhere?

You should add (or mofidy appropriately) the following to your
.pinerc file:

    default-composer-hdrs=From: Giorgos Keramidas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,

The allow-changing-from feature allows editing of the From: header for
all outgoing messages when enabled, and the default-composer-hdrs sets
some of the headers for your outgoing messages to reasonable defaults.

> The fetchmail man page says that sendmail needs to be listening on
> port 25.  When I run <ps auxw | grep sendmail > the output is:
> root 102 0.0 1.8 2760 2196 ?? Ss 2:45PM 0:00.14 sendmail: accepting \
> connections (sendmail)
> smmsp 105 0.0 1.7 2660 2180 ?? Is 2:45PM 0:00.01 sendmail: Queue \
> runner@00:30:00 for /var/spool/clientmqueue (sendmai
> Shouldn't it indicate port 25 somewhere?

No, not really.

> How do I know I have a port 25?
> How do I know it is listening at port 25?

Use sockstat(1).

        $ sockstat -l4 | grep :25
        root     sendmail   445   4  tcp4   *:25                  *:*

> Could I have the wrong path set up in Pine for the INBOX?
> I'm using /var/mail/gschenk.

As long as "gschenk" is your username, this is fine.

> Do I need professional assistance to set up email?

It's not difficult.  You should also check the FreeBSD Handbook.
Especially the chapter about mail...

> I'd better end this message here as I feel a major whine coming on! :)

Nah, not really :)

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