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On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 08:45:04PM -0500, mikel king wrote:

McBride also confirmed that the company has hired high-profile
attorney David Boies and his legal firm to investigate whether
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and versions of BSD infringed on the Unix
intellectual property it owned.

This was already resolved in the early 90s when USL sued BSDi over
encumbered UNIX code in BSD, and the case was settled.  You can read
more about this in the archives.

Yes I remember it well....

Furthermore, last year someone from SCO explicitly gave FreeBSD
permission to publish the older code anyway.

I do vaguely recall something about this. Of course they neglected to state which flavour(s) are being alledged. Still one has to wonder why they cite BSD in their list of offendees...

I don't expect anything to come of this.


I suppose one could speculate that FreeBSD could even benefit from such actions. While Linux, MAC OSX, and whomever else these guy point the finger at are battleing it out in court; FreeBSD could quietly move ahead...

Still this all smells like an act of a desperate company, and wether FreeBSD has anything or not to worry about, I personally wouldn't want to see our developers having to waste time and resources in court dancing with lawyers et cettera...

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