Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> > I'm more inclined to think that these are different parts of the same
> > company who don't (didn't) know about the other part.
> Another strong possibility.  Happens all the time.

Not this time.  The reports are quoting the CEO from interviews and
official letters.  They are reporting the creation of a new business
unit ("SCOsource") to handle company intellectual property.  The purpose
is obviously not to get good publicity. quotes the CEO:

    "SCO is [...] identifying where intellectual property violations
    have taken place, and helping resolve those violations" quotes the CEO:

    "To us, it's not an issue of: Is Linux violating (SCO intellectual
    property)? It's an issue of: Is anybody violating it?"

And it quotes the CEO noting the presence of their code in (Mac) OS/X.
We can hope that he doesn't know something about the secret agreements
over that code which we don't, and is just an ignorant CEO speaking too
soon, and that his new lawyer will educate him about the code's status.

Note that this scheme is not the one previously announced to sell
licenses to the SysV compatibility libraries which the articles says is
"a program that customers have been asking for".  They didn't need the
new laywer to figure out how to help their customers resolve that one.

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