Greg 'groggy' Lehey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Which secret agreements?  The license is public, and it doesn't leave
> any space for secret agreements.

The secret agreements which presumably allowed UCB and BSDi to continue
using Unix code without getting sued over it.  Permission which I've not
seen extended to the rest of us by its owner, as has been done for the
older versions of Unix.  We're trusting that UCB or BSDi have published
the code under its owner's license and that the published licenses are
valid and can be interpreted to cover patents as well as copyrights.
People with much at stake should "trust, but verify".  Call this FUD if
you will; FUD is an accurate description, in my mind.

> Could we now please take this off -questions?  Continue on advocacy@
> if you want.

I already started and finished my thread on -chat, joining this thread
only after you and Bill had each added to it twice.  How dare you tell
others to hide their replies in another list?  If you want to object to
a thread, do that in your first reply and without an on-topic comment;
it's only fair, thank you.

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