On 9/11/07, Bruce Cran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mel wrote:
> > There's 3 things left I can think of:
> > - weird module clash
> > - bug in nvidia-driver (I assume you're running Xorg 7.x)
> > - driver was not built against running kernel
> >
> I'm seeing a similar problem, but my system spontaneously reboots
> whenever it uses any 3D - for example any of the 3D xscreensaver modules
> in full screen mode.   I'm running 7.0-CURRENT and just realised I have
> PREEMPTION enabled since it's now in GENERIC.  I remember a while ago
> this caused stability problems with the nvidia driver - does anyone know
> if this could still be a problem?   I think there's more going on
> however, since the driver doesn't seem to know about my card during
> bootup (it shows <Unknown>) though it clearly does find it when starting
> Xorg.   Going back to the nvidia-driver-96xx port appears to fix the
> problems, and that driver does know what nVidia card I'm using during boot.

3 of us have posted a thread on nvidia forums as problem reports; I've
at least tried an older (legacy) driver version to no luck and
eliminated every suggestion I've gotten from the fbsd community as

If anyone would like, feel free to piggyback on the thread. There's
been no help response on the forums for a couple of days now.


If this *is* an issue with the nvidia driver, is there a good way for
us to alert Nvidia? Customer support, I guess?

Darren Spruell
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