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Frank Shute wrote:
> So if it's not branched but tagged, what's the difference between the
> ports tree I get if I use RELENG_4_8  compared to RELENG_7_0 as tags
> in my ports supfile?

Probably not a very great deal -- you'll get equally disappointing
results for both of those.  RELENG_X and RELENG_X_Y tags / branches
apply to the src collection *only*.  If you try and use them on the
ports you'll end up with a whole lot of nothing.  None of the ports
tree is intentionally tagged with anything matching 'RELENG'

In general, you always want the HEAD of the ports tree.  There's
very little point in using anything else.  However it is possible
to use RELEASE_X_Y_0 to match the state of the ports tree used
to generate the packages distributed with X.Y RELEASE, or if you
still haven't upgraded all your 4.x machines yet, you can use
RELEASE_4_EOL to match the last state of the tree before the 4.x
compatability code was stripped out.

Note that cvsup'ing an old version of the ports tree is not
guaranteed to provide a workable ports collection: the dist files
the ports rely upon are not in the control of the FreeBSD project
and there is no assurance that old versions of software are still
available for download.  Plus you will be struggling with unfixed
security bugs if you've installed portaudit -- or installing
vulnerable software if you haven't.



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