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> http://www.spamsuite.com/node/351
> jest first step to criminalize unix at all
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We aren't criminals, but *he* is.

Paul, you do realize that Sierra is a known newsgroup spammer and
that the lawsuit in question was just filed against a spamfighter
by a spammer?


Also, that the "judgement" that is in the post is actually
a prepared order, written by Plaintiff's counsel, it wasn't
written by the judge.


This case is sitting in the appellate courts somewhere, gathering
dust.  Nobody has paid anything to anybody, except to the lawyers.
Sierra makes their money selling to morons what Google gives
out for free.

Please, unless your willing to do the research, don't waste
time commenting.

He disobeyed a court order. That makes him a criminal. Whether what he was trying to do was "right" or not is irrelevant. Once the court told him to stop, he should have stopped.

And yes, I know full well that bad people take advantage of our courts every day.

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