Kevin Kinsey wrote:

Your problem makes no sense then :)

Up until now, you've told me a couple things
I might not have already known :-D

The kern.osrelease returns a string compiled into the kernel (see conf/, so if it returns 6.2-RELEASE then that string must be present.

I'd like to think so, but, I don't.  If you've feeling masochistic,
you can see that evidence below.  When does the sysctl get set?

The string is set at kernel compile time and the sysctl that points to it is read-only.

During boot, I assume?  Is there any "caching" of sysctl data
that might persist over a reboot?

Even better, have I been [EMAIL PROTECTED]  lol.  Be the first time in
forever, but I've griped and griped to my ISP about the security
of their CPE, to no avail.

It is possible, I guess it makes more sense than anything else.

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