Bill Moran wrote:
Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

Hi list,

I operate a FreeBSD server with a 300GB Raid. This morning i had to hard reset it and when booting, fsck took some 20 minutes.

I would expect that from 300G

Most partitions, especially the large ones are mounted with soft-updates.


Also, some weeks ago, we had missing files after a crash/fsck.

Soft-updates will do that if the system crashes in the middle of
I have read several times that soft updates ensure that the fs is always in a consistent state?

Sounds to me like you need to address your hardware or environmental problems.
If your system is needing hard-booted that often, you'll benefit from fixing
the cause of the hard-booting more than from a journalling fs.
I was expecting that answer. In the last case, i had to press the reset button because the system hung during boot, in another case the system was dead because mbuf clusters were exhausted. So there *are* occasions where the system goes down/is brought down uncleanly. According to murphy's law this happens when the system is needed most urgently. fsck times of 20 minutes are not tolerable then.
This is the point where people talk about journalling fs, and i think they're right.
Running fsck in the background might help when 5.0 becomes stable. If it really works, ok, otherwise i really think a journalling fs is needed.


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