Thus spake Daxbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> The inspiration for this email was from a thread in 
> -questions: "Re: fsck takes very long after crash/reset"
> Is anybody currently working on or does there exist
> a JFS for FreeBSD?
> Is there not a JFS for FreeBSD becuase, Softupdates 
> do the job just fine and nobody has the 
> time or interest to work on this?

Various people have indicated that they might try to implement
them, but there really isn't a lot of support for the idea.
People already have softupdates, so there's substantially less
incentive to support another technology for ensuring metadata
consistency.  (As Terry will surely point out if I don't,
Softupdates and journalling don't solve *exactly* the same set of

> I'm not running FreeBSD 5.x. So I'm not able to take 
> advantage of the background fsck. Can anybody comment 
> on their success w/ the background fsck?

Problems have been reported for very large (60 GB+) drives, but
otherwise it seems to work well.  It is only appropriate to use if
the reason you need to fsck is a crash or power failure.  If a
hardware or software bug messes up part of your FS, you need to
run a foreground fsck.

> If a JFS were to be ported and/or developed for FreeBSD
> what should it be based on? XFS, JFS, ReiserFS???

It would be easier to add journalling to FFS than to port one of
the above filesystems, and the licensing would be problematic.  It
is less problematic for ReiserFS because Hans Reiser is willing to
make exceptions to the GPL as long as e.g. Apple can't build OS X
on top of FreeBSD and thereby get ReiserFS without sharing the
profits with him.  But you still have to find someone for whom
softupdates isn't good enough who is willing to do the work.

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