In <045401c2d2db$f9d45c30$[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Daxbert 
> Is anybody currently working on or does there exist
> a JFS for FreeBSD?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no JFS, and nobody is working on

> I've read in the archives, the discussion about 
> not really needing JFS because of the benefits of
> softupdates. As well as some talk about BSD / GPL
> license issues.

That should have answered most of your questions. Possibly you need
the -current and/or -hackers archives as well.

> Is there not a JFS for FreeBSD becuase, Softupdates 
> do the job just fine and nobody has the 
> time or interest to work on this?

Softupdates with a background fsck solve the problem of wanting to
come back up quickly after a crash, which is the most common reason
people ask for a JFS.

> I'm not running FreeBSD 5.x. So I'm not able to take 
> advantage of the background fsck. Can anybody comment 
> on their success w/ the background fsck?

Someone in the archives indicated that there limited testing things
worked fine. I assume Kirk has tested this as well.

> If a JFS were to be ported and/or developed for FreeBSD
> what should it be based on? XFS, JFS, ReiserFS???

One with a license that will let it be distributed in the core. That
lets out GPL'ed code, and I believe it lets out XFS as well, though
I'm not positive on that.

> Who would be considered the "maintainer" for this type of
> work?

Whoever did the work, of course.

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