On Fri, 07 Feb 2003 20:05:46 -0500, Walter wrote:

>I have no manual for this (used) Acer Pentium 120.
>The Acer web site does not appear to have schematics
>or other MB information (that I could find).  And
>looking at the MB I see nothing that leads me (a
>non-tech) to think there's a VGA/MGA selector.
>Anything particular writing or abbreviations I
>might look for?  (Good thought.)

sometimes they say "vid" "video" "vga/mono" "color/mono"

but since it is a "brand name" that has been mass produced (ie designed
to log into AOL and play solitare), it probably doesn't have one, or it
is labeled something obscure like "JP34" or something like that. :(

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