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> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 01:31:01AM -0400, DAve wrote:
> > Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> > I nearly spit coffee on my keyboard! I agree with you 100%. When we all
> > did HTML with BBedit and Textpad, people like Black, Tog, and Nielsen
> > kept everyone designing websites to best serve the content. Now it is
> > all about the sizzle, but there is rarely a steak.
> >
> > DAve
>       You got it, man.  At least 80% of the site I happen on--at least
>       that are selling something--have so much kerrapp going on I'd go
>       blind if I stayed there for very long.   (I so *enjoy* being able
>       to block ads or stop-movie (gnash), and then find the router or
>       DVD or whatever.  And get out!)

I hate the over use of flash and etc. I sometimes think that is similar to 
putting a pdf file on a website instead of using txt. It bypasses some of the 
quirks and you see what they want you to see.

>       This is not the kind of page i'M aiming for.   --But then, I
>       really don't know what/how I want to revise my www homepage.

I use Adobe's GoLive but they killed it for Dreamweaver. If it had been a 
modest upgrade price, I would have upgraded but I didn't.

>       The reason for the strange display was a bad comment.  So at
>       least I've learned something!   Now www looks fine from ffox,
>       opera, and Konq. I've forbidden my tweenager from using IE so
>       have to wait for wife.  Or see if friends reply who use IE.

I have IE 7, Firefox, Seamonkey, and Safari on my main XP machine. I can't see 
any obvious difference. I also can't see any obvious difference between 
Firefox and Konqueror on FreeBSD and the XP browsers. 

FWIW, IE seems to complain on many of the sites I visit. It has a little 
comment on the status bar to the effect of completed but with errors. I 
didn't see it on your site.

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