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> > Let be the first of many to say, please do not top post.
> Let me be the first to say please don't quote the entire posting
> and the entire response.
> > In a recent interview it was revealed that the New York Times does a
> > lot of by hand html writing because it just gets you better html.
> Of course it does.  And I would expect a really professional
> site to do so.  But, your not paying attention to what he is
> saying:
> "... trying to determine exactly what causes firefox and konq to diverge..."
> An html author who writes by hand MUST know about ALL browser 
> idiosyncracies.  The OP does not want to know this or he would
> have TESTED with all browsers years ago.  And the context indicates
> he really doesen't want to know.

        Chill down a bit, okay?  first, (as the OP), i did not know
        thaat there was *this** great a disparity in thee rendering
        between classes of browsers.  i used to stick pretty close 
        to the w3.org (or whatever it was).   i didn't think the
        difference extended to how the <TABLE> stuff was parsed.

        BZZZT.  letsee, that 25 trillion for Life, 3 for gary.



                --the OP

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