> my own requirements list includes (color duplex printer scanner).
> I don't need it to be a laser, but I do need both color, multifunc,
> and duplex printing ...  I begin to wonder if I could find one with
> the same specs ESCEPTING it was the cheaper technology of inkjet.
> ... please don't spend time trying to talk me out of features
> like color, or duplex, I like both too well ...

If you want *good* color, look into Xerox.  Seriously.  They are
not as costly as you may be expecting.

My experience with inkjet is that it produces inferior results,
and saves little or no money if you consider the cost of ink,
esp. when you have to pitch a 3/4-full cartridge because it
clogged up.  BT, DT.

And no, I don't work for Xerox.
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