Color laser is what you want.  There are some really
good inexpensive units out there.  I recall reading the
inexpensieve Samsung color laser even speaks Postscript.

while i don't use color printers, usually this postscript is disadventage. if there is a choice like in HP laserjets - switching to PCL and using ghostscript works MUCH faster giving same results.

your computer's CPU is much faster than printer's.

The only time inkjet makes sense is if your printing
needs for your lifetime consist of a single ream of

i don't think they can print as much without failure.

my HP LaserJet 4 shows 122000 pages, was 88000 when i bought it for 100PLN (about 40$)+another 100 for made-in-Poland new ink cardridge (enough for about 8000-10000 pages).

HP LaserJet 4 and 3 is excellent, anything newer - crap, as HP joined others in making craps so every year user has to buy new one.

My HP Laserjet 4+ at home is the oldest operating piece of
computer equipment I have.  And I fully expect it to last
another decade, and once it dies, I have another one in the
basement that I picked up for $50 - WITH a duplexer.

i don't think it will stop within 10 years. but do you have original HP manual? if not - i have for laserjet 4 in PDF.
do not try to disassembly without it :)

Color laserjets will end up doing the same thing.

The reason the printer mfgrs love inkjets is that
not only is the cost per page far higher, necessitating
frequent ink cartridge changes, but the ink cartridges
themselves dry up and stop working, and the printers
jam, strip gears, and stop working.  Thus you are able
to sell the person printer after printer.

as long as people will buy them, they will produce it.

But laserjet technology is old, been around for years,
and is very time tested.  If the average printer
consumer realized how much money they were tossing
away on inkjets, they would be demanding lasers and
the price of the laserjet would be dirt cheap.

this is his/her money, not yours. if he/she want to waste it - what a problem :)

same with computers - most of us don't really needs new ones, while older as really cheap.
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