On Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 04:34:17AM -0500, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
> for what it is worth, between 3 companies that I do consulting for, there
> are about 250 workstations that currently use, Windows ME, or Windows
> 2000.Flash and Microsoft Outlook remain the only 2 reasons we can not use
> PC-BSD. Wine is making some GREAT Progress, and very shortly if not already,
> Outlook will run in wine, and the lack of a current flash player will remain
> the only thing standing in the way of 250 more PC-BSD stations.

Unfortunately, I don't think Adobe is likely to give a damn about people
who would switch to FreeBSD (or FreeBSD spin-off like PC-BSD) if there
were a current, stable Flash player for the platform.  All Adobe's likely
to care about is people who use FreeBSD (or a spin-off) regardless of
whether there's a current, stable Flash player available.  Adobe wants
market penetration -- which it's just as happy to get by people being
"stuck" on MS Windows as by any other means.

So . . . if you want your situation to provide some kind of influence on
Adobe to provide current, stable Flash players for FreeBSD and its
spin-offs, you need to come up with numbers of FreeBSD-based desktop
systems, not a number of systems running a platform Adobe already
supports that *isn't* FreeBSD-based, no matter how much you'd like to
change those systems to PC-BSD.

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