Obviously I don't think it is mythology or I wouldn't believe it :-)

Actually it is not my place to tell people what numbers they are and are not
allowed to use.
More than the number, the issue for me is the motivation of why that number
was used.
Why use one of the only three digit numbers that I know of that is
associated with evil to at least one belief?
See my point?

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> Sorry, this of course should have read 'after 665 and before 667'.
> On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 11:13, Justin Hopper wrote:
> > Hello unamed person,
> >
> > For the rest of the world that doesn't follow Christian Mythology, 666
> > is just the number after 667 and before 665.  I've used 666 in several
> > coding examples, usually for client/server socket daemons, as most
> > people don't have anything using port 666.
> >
> > Would you rather that the good people of FreeBSD be barred from using
> > particular numbers?  This could pose a problem.
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