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Mike Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, kitsune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> > Has any one had any luck at recording video in freebsd?
> > /me has not had any luck with fxtv
> fxtv works fine for me. What have you tried, on what hardware, and
> what kind of problems are you having.

I can record video only nicely, but my problem is recording audio...
I goto file>save video as...
then enter /usr/temp/video

audio encode: mp2

now I click record and let the run for awhile...

Video conversion failed.
CMD   = /usr/temp/video.sh
STATUS = 0x0100

now I dismis that both the error and record window and go to file>save audio as...
filename: /usr/temp/audio
file format: mp3

Audio Conversion Failed
CMD   = mpeg_musicin -l 3 -p 2 /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
STATUS: = 0x0100

then if I goto /usr/temp/ and do...
mpeg_musicin /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
I get...
>>> Using Audio IFF sound file headers
Sound data is not PCM in "/usr/temp/audiocCY5bg".

and the commands...
mpeg_musicin -l 3 -p 1 /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
mpeg_musicin -l 3 -p 2 /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
mpeg_musicin -l 2 -p 1 /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
mpeg_musicin -l 2 -p 2 /usr/temp/audiocCY5bg /usr/temp/audio
don't work what so ever... a message on usage is just displayed...

it will let me record in any other format, excluding mp2/3, but the play back button 
does not work for those...

I have it set on audio-auto on input and am just running a jumper from the audio out 
on the tv card to the audio in on the sound card.

My sound on the system is provided pcm0 which is a VIA VT82C686A using the AC97 codec.

The version of fxtv is 1.03, the version of mpegaudio is 3.9, and I am running freebsd 


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