Matthew Seaman wrote:
Polytropon wrote:
Replying to my own message... I'm so stupid: How do I *use* lsof which
is /usr/local/sbin/lsof when actually trying to umount /usr? Can I
put a copy of it into, let's say, /root/bin? I've checked library

    # which lsof | xargs ldd
   => /lib/ (0x280a2000)
   => /lib/ (0x280aa000)

So this is on the / partition. This should work, am I right?

Don't use lsof for that then.  Use fstat(1) which is part of the base

    # fstat -f /usr

Must stop replying to these things before I've had enough coffee. fstat(1) is of course installed as /usr/bin/fstat so unmounting /usr
will seriously cramp its style.  As you say -- there are no shlib
dependencies on stuff under /usr so just slap a copy somewhere on
the root partition and away you go.


Matthew, who avoids having to think about any of this stuff by the simple expedient of not having a separate /usr

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