On Mon, 16 Feb 2009 10:44:02 -0900, Mel <fbsd.questi...@rachie.is-a-geek.net> 
> Is this a one-time event or 100% reproducable?

I've tried it several times, it can always be reproduced.

> A likely scenario is:
> - You have squid running
> - You have rc_shutdowntimeout at default (30 seconds)

I'm not sure if this setting (?) will have an effect after trying
the umount operation in SUM. Even if umount is retried after a
several time, /usr is still "busy".

> - rc hits the watchdog while squid is being shutdown

No, nothing running. All applications have terminated.

> - you unmount
> - get busy
> - call fstat at which point squid has been shutdown.

I've used fstat and lsof to check for open files on /usr, nix,
nada, nitshewo.

> Replace squid with anything that takes 30+ seconds to shutdown. Allthough, 
> they would probably already fail at umount /var. Squid with defaults is fully 
> contained in /usr/local.

I can't imagine which application should still be running when nothing
on /usr is accessed (lsof, fstat); I'll check on running applications
using ps.

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