First of all, I checked both lsof's and fstat's output: NOTHING seems to
have a file open in the /usr partition. Very strange. Of course, I've tried
the copies of both tools in /root/bin so they don't cause any access on /usr

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 00:08:58 -0700, Tim Judd <> wrote:
> Most commonly for me is because my $PWD (or CWD) is in the filesystem i 
> intend to umount

I've checked this: In SUM, $CWD was /, and root's $HOME is /root on
the / partition. Users' home directories are on /home which is separated
from /usr (and can be unmounted without problems). At no time, a $CWD
was on /usr partition.

> so as a habit now, i move myself to the root partition (when logged in 
> as root) via the following, and assuming I want to umount /usr
> # umount /usr
> umount: unmount of /usr failed: Device busy
> # cd
> # umount /usr
> cd, with no arguments, move you to ~ (aka $HOME)

Which would be /root in case of SUM.

As I said, very strange...

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