Uhm not quite Sergio please see some correction's below

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi

> So, please if you to to the site of hackintosh, you will
> see that it is a Darwin, Macos is based on Darwin, and because
> of the copyright (the famous GPL...) apple must give away
> the software they use to build macos...

Mac OS X is build on MACH 3.0 and FreeBSD 5

    MACH 3.0, requires both a 4.3BSD license (Apple has one because of
they're A-UX project years ago) and
    a MACH license (from Cernegie Mellon Univercity -- which they have
because they bought NextSTEP).


    FreeBSD is BSD licensed and as a result completely free system.

As you can see there is no GPL encumbered code in the kernel/initial
userland and therefore there is no "must give away" anything.

    Also the GPL is not a copyright it is a license. Two susinctly different

> so there is Darwin if you look at
> http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource
> it show all the Leopards including the 10.5.6 (source code)...
> I did not see any restriction of use, for darwin, (well may be a commercial
> use???)

Darwin is well Darwin, "Leopard" is a userland codebase that sits ontop of
Darwin x.y.z

For more details : http://www.opensource.apple.com  and

> If you start with a binary version
> (http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/images/darwinx86-801.iso.gz)
> please note that it comes from the apple site...
> and download the last one, with some work (in reality a lot....) you will
> end with a Leopard (TM) without apple marks...

Please see above commentary,... you will not end up with "Leopard" you will
land up with a Leopard-like Darwin.

> I do not think this is ilegal, and I am not playing warez.

Perfectly legal so long as you're not hacking/compiling a cracked/stolent
Aqua user interface onto you're Darwin.

> In fact I am doing the same thing with opensolaris...
> get opensolaris (binary), then get the sources (from sun) and compiling the
> gnome 2.24 on top of it....
> may be the final product be called hacklaris????

Why not just start with an OpenSolaris and update it??? Would save you a LOT
of work.

> I needed it because my clients needs internet and with it a good imfamious
> flash player... that, in FreeBSD
> is not available with the stability I have on solaris... in fact, it is
> much more stable than the linux version
> besides the "virtual"  (virtualbox, xen, zones....) is far more stable on
> solaris....
> there are places (in the corporate world...) that the SUN brand counts...
> and counts a lot...

None of this makes ANY sense,... I use many different Unices professionally
and see no real stability differences with Flash (maybe I just set it up

As for the virtualization VirtualBox and Xen are cross platform so I don't
know where you're going there?

Solaris Zones are cool, but essentially replacable with BSD jails of Linux
virtual servers (not virtualized servers mind).

I think also that a person jump from the "microsoft cage"  to the "apple
> cage"  he still is in the "cage"...
> Users, nowadays (even the "naive" ones) soon realize that they need
> freedom.

Sometimes those cages (which I dont like either) provide nice
manuals/courses/user interfaces that less technical people prefer.
Lets not start an OS preeching war again lol

"Opportunity is most often missed by people because it is dressed in
overalls and looks like work."
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