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I am recommending a FreeBSD solution to replace an old business "file
server".  The old server is running Windows 2000 Professional, and the
company has grown from the 5 employee setting to now two floors and
approximately 15 - 20 people. They were starting to get connection errors
to the Win2K machine, as I believe, without the Server version of the
software, file sharing and maps are severely limited.

Anyways, my question is thus: In setting up a FreeBSD machine and utilizing Samba to support "standard" file sharing, is there any caveats or issues
that anyone perceives?  I've done multiple FreeBSD installations, and
utilize the Samba package to provide file sharing support in other small
businesses, but have not had to consider 20 connections at once.  The
network connection is just a simple router to switch, all gigabit, and the system I'm recommending to use as a server also has dual gigabit network

As well, if anyone has any web-links to recommended reading, I would greatly
appreciate them.


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The latest samba port if very robust. You should find this trivial to complete. I encourage you to go with new hardware if possible.

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