Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> exactly does. i just don't catch why he - while stopping using it
>>> because of forum - still read and posts here.
>> None of your concern: this is just what everybody is writing about.
>> Whether someone is using FreeBSD or not, and reading here or not, is
>> irrelevant to most (and probably to all) discussions going on here, and
>> it is my understanding (and my opinion, which is different than yours on
>> this matter I suspect) that your commenting on this is mostly
>> unappreciated.
> Yes it's different. Again forum is important but it's completely
> secondary thing to what product (FreeBSD that case) offers.

No wait... I was merely commenting on your comment:

>>> exactly does. i just don't catch why he - while stopping using it
>>> because of forum - still read and posts here.

I agree with the comments made that sometimes your writings are quite
interesting (about the 32 vs 64 bit architectures for instance).

All of the below is valid for this mailing list (thanks to Roger ;) ).

> I too consider forum not very good, and i opted to create
> fully-moderated version that will strictly be moderated to keep topics
> only related to:
> - FreeBSD base system
> - ports as subsystem but not ported programs, as these programs have
> their own forums.
> This will solve all problems from both point of views.
> For example it would eliminate advertise/sponsoring offer and my
> response to this. and millions other problems.
> Of course unmoderated mailing list should be left as is.
> I swear i will not use it that case, cause it will not make any use of
> it for me.
> And ALL will be happy.
> Back to FreeBSD, i use it because it's (for me) best unix system
> available in the world, closest to what unix should be.
> And i do need unix system.

Until here...

> Forum quality is secondary thing.

For you maybe, but some readers stop reading (and apparantly loose
interest in FreeBSD as well) when the quality is poluted with flames,
personal remarks, whatever distracts from the real issues that should be
discussed here.

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