No! Unless you think that fBSd is the only functional/reliable OS. If

for my needs it's actually true. Only FreeBSD meets my requirements.

Wojciech, I, like many others who have responded on this thread,
appreciate much of the help that you provide on this list. You seem to
fail (for whatever reason) to understand that your opinionated
comments may need to be better thought out. If you were the "monitor"
of your utopian mailing list, what would you have done with your

Of course - you already decided about "utopian". no argument for this.

response to the OP?

as i said (another example you don't read what i write carefully) i would first define strict rules of posting.

and then moderators should only execute them. If i would be moderator i could only do this, or stop being moderator.

If rules would allow any discussion if moderator should or should not delete post, then rules are wrong and must be fixed.

moderator can not have any power to resolve personal things through it.
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