could only do this, or stop being moderator.

If rules would allow any discussion if moderator should or should not delete
post, then rules are wrong and must be fixed.

moderator can not have any power to resolve personal things through it.

I read what you posted "carefully." I'm asking you to play pretend . .
. if you were the moderator of the list you suggest, do you think that
the response you gave to the OP, as a non-developer, is acceptable.
That is, do you think that that those who have no responsibility as
far as what is done with $$ donated to the fBSD cause (i.e., you)
should respond to to those who wish to donate?
For a minute there, I was hoping that it was a language issue (BTW - I
think your English is quite good),

not so sure, because now i'm not sure if i understand these above well.

If i would be a moderator (or anyone else - there will be just rules to conform) i would for sure delete sponsoring offer no matter if it offered 100 or 1E6$

But i will reply to the sender that contacts for FreeBSD core team are on the webpage, and that i forwarded his/her mail to them.

it's quite clear i think
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