On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 07:33:49PM -0400, Rod Person wrote:

> Today I went to an Adobe seminar. All demos where done on OS X. I
> kept think that it looked a lot like KDE and of course I got to
> thinking...
> Can applications such as Acrobat and Illustrator run on FreeBSD?


> Since OS X userland is based on FreeBSD it seemed to me there should
> be a chance of it, is there? I'm think these would not be as hard,
> but do to the MACH kernel on MacOS X, I'm not sure. Does anyone know? I

The kernel is not the big problem. From a program's point of view there
is not much difference between the kernels even though they might be
quite different internally.
Some parts of OS X userland are taken from FreeBSD, but not all of it.
In particular most of the GUI code is MacOS X specific and *not*
available on FreeBSD. Programs which use the OS X specific stuff will
not run on anything else.

> also wonder if this would work with Darwin either. But the last I
> tried Darwin it would not run on my hardware. I'm I just crazy or is
> there a chance of this?

I am not sure what ypu are asking about here. Chance of what?  

Darwin is essentially a self-contained open source subset of OS X, and
is fairly similar to any other BSD based OS. Many programs for MacOS X
uses features and libraries that are only available in the full MacOS X,
and not in the Darwin subset. To run those programs you need to run
the full MacOS X.

> I also wonder is there a OS X emulator anywhere in the works or future?

None that I know of. Such an emulator would probably be a quite large
project and would likely take a long time to complete. (Compare the
Wine windows emulator which has existed for several years and still has
many limitations. Mac OS X would probably be easier to emulate but
still far from trivial.)

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