Maybe also interessting: There is "MacOnLinux" (
) which lets you run MacOS (even MacOS X!) on a PPC-based Linux-computer. But
from the FAQ:

Q: Does it run on i386 hardware? 
A: No, MOL can only run on PowerPC hardware since no emulation is performed.
However, adding a PowerPC emulator for x86 is under consideration.
maybe it will be proted to FreeBSD then :)

The cool thing is, that you don't need genuine apple hardware, it runs on
nearly any PPC. And PPC604e's are cheap.

But as Darwin is OpenSource there is also a way (not from apple!!!) that
allows you to run OS X on a non-G3/G4/G5 mac. Unfortunately I don't have a link
here.. sorry.

In both cases, don't expect it to be fast. But it's a good way to get hands
on OS X for only a few bucks ;)

add me to the OS X-Client/FreeBSD-Server ppl :)


Matthias "LoCal" Schonder
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