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In mailserver I think the messages will be stored in var/mail/accountname
(correct me if i am wrong). I have very less disk space for /var. This
was not a concern with POP3 because messages get deleted from server. Now
with IMAP i think i need to do something for it. Is there a way to direct
mails to /usr. Does this message redirection create any problem in
configuring MUA?.

If you set up qmail to use /Maildir/ format, mail is stored in each users home dir under his/hers Maildir, so it would be under /usr/home/whomever... even root, for security reasons is assigned or aliased to a user. A Maildir is made with the command maildirmake as that user, in his $HOME. You can put in a Maildir in skel and it will automatically make a Maildir for each new user. Inside each Maildir there are 3 dirs, new, cur, tmp.. This is automatically created with the maildirmake command. Don't worry, if you will use IMAP, any MUA that can use IMAP will read the dirs properly... Providing you use a IMAP client that supports Maildir, as mentioned, Bincimap or Courier.

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