On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 11:26:06AM -0700 or thereabouts, Chris Pressey wrote:
> Gary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Actually, I was referring to running a MUA that does not use the
> > Sendmail switch automatically, as Mutt would use, but something like
> > KMail, or whatever, which requires one to put in the SMTP address
> > (IIRC).
> Ah.  Well, I admit I'm less familiar with setting qmail up to play nice
> with MUAs.  In fact I must make a guilty confession: I'm still making
> qmail deliver to mbox format until I can figure out how to get Sylpheed
> to grok Maildirs.  I haven't used Mutt or KMail yet, either.

LOL... Every once in awhile, I check the Sylpheed Claws URL to see if they
have yet implemented the Maildir format.. so far, no go, but it is on
their to-do list.. <g> 
> > > I'm just referring to how FreeBSD's MTA wrapper lets you switch
> > > between sendmail, qmail, and any other sendmail-compatible MTA (say,
> > > Postfix) without too much effort.
> > 
> > Okay, I am now seeing a better appreciation of how this FBSD MTA
> > wrapper works, allowing one to switch MTAs almost on the fly... cool 
> > <g>
> I'm not sure it could do it on the fly... but pretty darn close, yeah :)

Yah, just stop the PID of the MTA, unless you are using qmail's service,
to open up port 25, and throw in another MTA. <g> ... almost.

> And you're right, Life with Qmail is probably the best qmail tutorial on
> the net.  (When I first set up qmail, I went solely on djb's docs --
> *ouch*!  It took like a week to even begin to figure it out.)  I didn't
> mean to imply that LwQ is lacking FreeBSD information, just that if
> you're going to run qmail under FreeBSD, it's good to keep abreast to
> FreeBSD developments that affect MTAs... because unlike qmail, FreeBSD
> changes regularly :)

I agree with you 100%.  I had the same initial experiences with djb's
site, versus LWQ.. I have just been with FBSD for 3 weeks or so, but
absolutely love it.. absorbing all I can.. in many ways, the file system
is easier than Linux, by far, fewer .rc files to contend with. I find
memory management much better. I would love to find more PII and III boxes
to convert over for mail / DNS servers... (djbdns or course <g>)  I must
tackle the ports / CVSup details yet, but will do that soon.. Remote admin
is a breeze.  Overall, probably the best OS I have ever used.  

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