> > (And now the messages)
> > ad1: WRITE command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - resetting
> > ata0: resetting devices -- done
> It really really looks like a hardware fault.

This is what I suspected but below in my post, I checked the drive with
a diagnostic utility from the manufacturer and the drive tested OK.

> > ad1: removed from configuration done
> > handle_workitem_freeblocks: block count
> Oh yeah, so it removes its boot disk from the configuration because it
> thinks it faulty and you think it may proceed without it?

No I didn't.  Well I can see that this is going to be a barrel of
laughs.  I don't quite understand FreeBSD and this is why I came here
for help.  Sorry that I asked my question.

> > Judging by the error messages, the system is telling me that there is a
> > problem with the drive.  Well I shutdown the system and looked again at
> > the jumpers on the drives.  They are set correctly.  Next I go out to
> > the net and get a diagnostic utility for the hard drive and run it on
> > the drive.  It passed with flying colors.  I even reinstalled FreeBSD
> > and even installed the 5.1 to see if the same thing occurs and it does.

Here is where I stated that I tested the drive.  And I also checked to
see if the jumpers were correctly set.

> You could try setting PIO mode to see if the problem persists:
> # atacontrol mode 0 XXX PIO0 

I will try this and let you know what happens.

> Does the same thing happen to ad0?

In the email, ad0 has windows and Linux on it. I did not try and mount
the windows slice and see if this drive exhibits the same behavior.  I
did not have any issues with the drive using it as storage for Windows
and Linux.  It seemed to start when I put FreeBSD on the drive.

> You can change it back to LBA in the BIOS, can't you?

I did and it doesn't seem to help.  Funny thing is though is when I wipe
out the drive, BIOS sees the drive as a LBA but after installation and
the subsequent reboot, which causes the computer to hang and I have to
to a hard reboot, then the drive shows up as a CHS so I do not know.

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