> Try tweaking it up to, say, WDMA2, etc. and see what happens...

OK I changed it to WDMA2 and it seems to behave!  Well I went a little
further and changed it back to UDMA33 and slowed the ad0 drive to
UDMA33.  It was previously set at UDMA66.  Did the copy operation again,
it did not show me any errors.  

I am assuming here that FreeBSD does not like drives with different
speeds on the same bus???  Is my assumption correct??  From what little
bit of fooling around that I did seems to support this.  When putting
everything back to the defaults, I start seeing the messages again.

Interesting huh?  One of the drives ad0 is capable of ATA100 though my
motherboard is not capable of that.  It uses UDMA66 and this transfer
mode works well in other OS's.  The drive that is driving me nuts the
ad1 is only capable of UDMA33.  

This info may/maynot help but it might get one to thinking what could be
causing this.

Thanks for the help so far!


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