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> > \From ata(4) manpage:
> > 
> > man> The use of UDMA4(66MHz) and higher together with non-UDMA4 devices on the
> > man> same ATA channel is not recommended, unless they are run at the non-UDMA4
> > man> device's lower speed.  The driver has been designed to handle that kind
> > man> of setup but lots of older devices do not like this.
> This definitely would explain it.  Shows how new I am to FreeBSD. 
> Thanks!
> Is there a way to put the proper atacontrol command in somewhere so that
> it will slow the first hdd (ad0) down to UDMA33?  

Perhaps a script in "/usr/local/etc/rc.d"... but before it is run, ad0
will be UDMA66.

Wherever you put an atacontrol command, ad0 will be UDMA66 before that
(outside of modifying the kernel), which might cause some trouble.

A solution might be to first set all drives into PIO (by adding
hw.ata.ata_dma=0 in the loader config) and `atacontrol' them in rc.d to
their speeds (both to UDMA33). This may cause the boot to be somewhat

> Thank you!
> Marshall

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