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> > Try tweaking it up to, say, WDMA2, etc. and see what happens...
> OK I changed it to WDMA2 and it seems to behave!  Well I went a little
> further and changed it back to UDMA33 and slowed the ad0 drive to
> UDMA33.  It was previously set at UDMA66.  Did the copy operation again,
> it did not show me any errors.  
> I am assuming here that FreeBSD does not like drives with different
> speeds on the same bus???  Is my assumption correct??  From what little
> bit of fooling around that I did seems to support this.  When putting
> everything back to the defaults, I start seeing the messages again.
> Interesting huh?  One of the drives ad0 is capable of ATA100 though my
> motherboard is not capable of that.  It uses UDMA66 and this transfer
> mode works well in other OS's.  The drive that is driving me nuts the
> ad1 is only capable of UDMA33.
> This info may/maynot help but it might get one to thinking what could be
> causing this.

\From ata(4) manpage:

man> The use of UDMA4(66MHz) and higher together with non-UDMA4 devices on the
man> same ATA channel is not recommended, unless they are run at the non-UDMA4
man> device's lower speed.  The driver has been designed to handle that kind
man> of setup but lots of older devices do not like this.

> Thanks for the help so far!
> Marshall
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