At 04:04 PM 2/16/2004, Kent Stewart wrote:

You could try the pkg_add -r feature which will fetch the proper version for your current system.

I did, but couldn't find the port -- guess I'm mixing agp slots and eide's?

So I'm make'ing it from the tar.gz already had.

hehehe - my way of looking at things is that anyone can be an expert at something on a computer.

Wow Kent, you're absolutely right; that's what first attracted me to these critters back in college.

In addition, no matter how good you get, you will still have embarassing holes that will be pointed out to you in a
public forum :).

Yes, there's always that.

I typically don't talk about the mini-iso.

Hmm, maybe I should finally break down and order the cd set for the latest release - since I don't plan on switching to cable anytime soon and have about run out of favors from neighbors who have it already. Then again :)

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