> Forgive me if I am out of line here.  I am new to FreeBSD and this list, I
> have been using both for about a week now after being with Windows since
> I have always been a top poster and a bottom feeder, I have never known it
> was a big deal and every environment I have been in has top posted.
> I have been weary of posting as I dont want to irritate anyone by asking
> something that is most likely simple to many of you.  I RTFM but just dont
> get it sometimes so I lurk here and see if there is anything that pertains
> me or I go on the web and find it that way.  So far it has worked.
> Something struck a chord with me so I need clarification.

It boils down to a 'When in Rome, do as Romans do' situation. The charter
states no top posting. I don't think it could be stated or explained any

Rules and laws are to be followed. If you don't like it, don't post. IMHO,
case closed.

Denny Jodeit

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