> Forgive me if I am out of line here.  I am new to FreeBSD and this list, I 
> have been using both for about a week now after being with Windows since 3.1.  
> I have always been a top poster and a bottom feeder, I have never known it 
> was a big deal and every environment I have been in has top posted.  
> Secondly;
> >
> > In the end, why not just write like you speak?  In a verbal
> > conversation, each party speaks in turn (in-line replies), provided they
> > have something worthwhile to say on the given subject (trimming what
> > isn't relevant), otherwise they keep their pie-hole shut (don't reply at
> > all). 
> When I speak I dont give them back the same thing they just said to me and 
> then my reply, I just reply to them.  This means that in an e-mail I would 
> click reply, delete everything on the page, type my response and send it.  At 
> least it isn't a top post though, maybe we should just "only post".

When you are posting to a list, there is a time lag and a distance that
needs to be overcome.   It is similar, but not quite the same as a face
to face conversation.   Retaining relevant material and interspersing
responses comes as close to a conversational, question and answer 
interchange as possible, given the medium of exchange.   It also helps
bring people in to the conversation who either are participating in
numerous conversations and need to be reminded of which one it is or
are new, but valuable, to the conversation.   

Anyway, what we have here are people coming to the list with questions
and problems and being informed by those with some experience on those
lists that it is easier to give help if add information if the responses
are interspersed.    If you want to make is easy for those more experienced
people to get in to the conversation, you will do so.   If you don't
you will discourage their response.   There is no great moral issue
here.  It is an entirely practical consideration.

I do agree, by the way, with the idea of excising truly extraneous 
material.   But, just remember that other people may happen in to
the thread who have not seen it from the beginning or who have so
many things to look at that they can't remember which thread it it.
They may have potentially useful input that doesn't come out because
all of the information is no longer available.   


> Sorry for the book.  By the way, I have gleaned something from all of you that 
> have posted.  Michael, I hope you don't feel like I am picking on you or 
> calling you out.  I am the new guy here and dont know how things work here, 
> smack me and show me the way it should be here and I will comply.
> For the first time in an email I didnt top post.......entirely.

Wasn't this fun.....?

> -- 
> Rob
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