Bull TORS wrote:

Can I use ssh to connect/administer either way on these 2 laptops?
I hope that I have stated my question clearly...I will try my best to simply things below:

laptop1.mydomain.org            <-----?ssh?--->           laptop2.mydomain.org
Static IP Address from the                                      DHCP client of my ISP
Company LAN Server with
a different domain (companydomain.org)

Are the laptops on internal networks ( for example) or on real internet addresses? In the latter case, you just do

ssh a.b.c.d

using the IP addresses from one machine to the other, providing the username
is same on both machines. Otherwise use: ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You can also put the a.b.c.d octets together your chosen hostnames in /etc/hosts
and use the hostnames instead.

Does your ISP change your IP regularly, or is it fixed?
If it changes, the ssh only works from laptop2 to laptop1; and for the reverse
you have to play some tricks.


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