Bull TORS wrote:

My laptop in the office (laptop1.mydomain.org) has a static internal network address from my company's (companydomain.org) LAN Server.
My laptop in my home has 192.168.1.x (I am not that sure if it changes a lot but I think not) as a DHCP client from my ISP (ispdomain.ne.jp).
So I think both gets internal network addresses from their respective servers, one as a static client and the other as a dynamic client from different domains. Does this mean I can not use ssh from either both PC's?

My knowledge of ssh is just to the level of a regular user, so I may be wrong here. But in this case I am afraid you can only connect the two computers if you also have access (login & password) to each one of the gateways, in which case you can make use of ssh-tunnels.

See for example:

In case you have no access to the gateways, I then wonder, if you could
use any third computer with a real IP address (provided you have access
to that one) and use this third computer as an inbetween in the ssh-tunnel
between your two laptops. Above article may give a clue.

Does that help?


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