Bull TORS wrote:
could finish the last phrase of my sentence, they would say "Oh, your not using Windows! so you are using Linux!..." "Why use strange things?"...Imagine that Linux sounds strange to them, what would happen if I start explaining what FreeBSD is!...Hehehe...And the person in-charge on our

You're in Japan, right? FreeBSD used to be very common in Japan at some point for its support for the Japanese character sets. What happened to its popularity?

I myself am in Korea. Despite news items that the opensource community
is gaining fields in East-Asia, too many people frown their eyebrows when
talking another language than MS-Windows, even at the university :(.

Indeed, this IS the place to ask questions, if you get stuck and noone
in your environment is able or willing to help!

Printer problems?
Have you installed CUPS? That will solve lots of the UNIX printer oddities.
It's in the ports and has a decent manual. If that is not clear enough, then
send your Qs to this list.

Good luck!


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