> > > One thing, that is making me _not_ using FreeBSD is, that I see no
> > > way to easily upgrade from, say 5.1 to 5.2 (just an example),
> > Apart from that i updated my systems many times, without being in
> > single user mode, with an ssh connection.
> This doesn't work on the upgrade to 5.2 from 5.1. You have to boot into 
> single user mode to do the installworld. You have incompatible features 
> at this upgrade.

Exactly these kinds of hassles I don't want. I am wondering - FreeBSD
has built such a nice thing like the ports system. It's a work of
genius. Only that the install/upgrade process of the system itself is
completely different (and not very convenient IMO). Is it not possible
to 'port' the System stuff into the ports system (or a different ports
system, say, the 'system ports' or something like that). Just an idea.

Ok, are there other ways? Isn't there a script, which places the new
archives over the old ones, and removes the stuff, that's left from the
old system? Or is this a too-difficult task?


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