On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Roman Kennke wrote:

Hi list,

One thing, that is making me _not_ using FreeBSD is, that I see no way
to easily upgrade from, say 5.1 to 5.2 (just an example), over network.
I mean, I have a server running, to which I have no physical access. The
only way to maintain it, is over SSH.
The upgrade instructions in INSTALL.txt suggest putting in the CD, and
using sysinstall for a binary upgrade. That is no option for me.

What I am looking for is an upgrade method which
- can be used over an SSH connection
- is not too difficult (like manually placing each piece in the right
- does not leave old stuff on the HD (like the sysinstall method does,
Generally this can be done (though it is not recommended) the way that is described in Chapter 21 of the handbook - you just don't drop into single user mode.
But you shouldn't track -CURRENT then, since -CURRENT developers tend to produce some horrible bugs every two or three months.
Do test this upgrade procedure on a local machine, so you know how things work.

... to make it short, something like the ports system (especially portupgrade) does with non-system apps would be cool.

Is there a way to achieve that? This would be the one bit, which would
make me switch to FreeBSD.
I am convinced you will.



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