> & it still won't start.
> As I can't get it to start, I just delete this line using VI(I am getting
> better :) 

vi isn't the easiest program to learn and master, but it is available on
pretty much every *nix system in the universe, so time invested is
generally well rewarded not only by gains in productivity, but also by
portability of your skills.

this said, and because i'm convinced that you've given the handbook only
the most cursory of glances (such a good document - shame on you), i
thought it would be worth pointing out that freebsd comes with another
editor in it's base system - ee.  if you're only going to be doing minor
edits here and there, you might consider checking it out.  its learning
curve is not nearly 1/10th as steep as vi's, but then, neither is it nearly
1/10th as powerful.

2 cents.  epi out.

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