Hi Bill et al,

Using /stand/sysinstall & trying to download packages from the freeBSD site, I
get the ERROR prompt:

"Cannot resolve hostname 'ftp.freebsd.org'! Are you sure that your name server,
gateway and network interface are correctly configured ?"

I have a Cable Broadband Connection. Does this error mean that my DHCP is not
configured correctly or is it something else ???

When trying to connect to my ISP's update-server(which you don't need to be
authenticated to access) I get this ERROR even though my Cable connection is
ON, Connected & Working:

200# ftp update-server
ftp: update-server: No address associated with hostname

Is this the same problem as above ???

I have in my rc.conf file


should the "hostname" be the dynamically allocated address that my ISP assigns
when I turn on my Cable Modem or should I leave it as ???

If there is anything else that you think that I may be missing in trying to
connect to the net, please let me know ;)

Kind Regards,


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